In September 2007,

Rough Works EG attached itself to a prestigious 5 film slate, comprised of both creatively compelling and commercially compelling properties. Brad Carpenter, President and CEO of Rough Works EG, stated, “Our business model benefits from a sea-change of opportunity in the entertainment sector. Independent developers of film projects have access to the same inventory of quality materials and talent as the Studios. Through our funding and management efforts, Rough Works EG will exploit these opportunities in an effort to provide all parties involved with a degree of transparency and profitability not typically associated with Studio productions.”

Rough Works EG will continue its efforts to develop and finance compelling single film projects, but will focus more on multiple Offerings going forward. Brad Carpenter continued, “We have a formula, and it will work with single picture deals as well as slates, but our requirements are stringent and our process is very thorough. We addressed the needs of our financial partners, and now the process works for all sides of the equation.”

For further information, Synopses of our current projects can be found in the Project Vault.

Rough Works EG is a Dallas, Texas and Newport Beach, California based Independent Film Production Company. To contact Rough Works EG, please e-mail:

On May 1st, 2007,

Rough Works EG inked its first significant Independent Film project in partnership with Troy Duffy, Don Carmody and Chris Brinker of The Boondock Saints fame. The Film is entitled, The Good King. Brad Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Dallas based Rough Works EG, locked up the Executive Producer role for Rough Works EG after 8 months of negotiations.

The Good King is being introduced as a closely-held Private Equity offering. The Offering is expected to close subscription by Q3 2007. Pre-Production is scheduled for June 2008, filming will take place in Bucharest Romania, with Post-Production in Toronto. The Private Equity structure continues a Hollywood Independent film trend designed to insulate Creative Teams and Equity Participants from unnecessary dilution, while maintaining control over Production and Distribution strategies.

"Read more about the project here."

As a Dallas based Independent Film Production Company, Rough Works EG will continue to nurture its Hollywood relationships by expanding its Southern California offices and partnering with Hollywood based Distributors, Producers, Directors and Actors to develop more projects which take advantage of the diverse assets Dallas and other Texas communities offer.

Over the past few months, the Dallas and Texas film community has achieved major milestones, including the successful launch of the AFI Dallas International Film Festival and the $22MM funding of legislation designed to lure filmmakers to Texas. While the details surrounding the legislation offer only minor concessions, they are step in the right direction. We believe this will eventually open the floodgates of opportunity for our film culture, and exploit the vast resources available to filmmakers worldwide. This will create jobs and job retention, increase tourism, and generate significant revenue for the local and state Government.

In doing our part, Rough Works EG is developing a slate of projects designed to be Produced entirely in Dallas and surrounding communities. We invite you to participate.