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From Writer/Director Troy Duffy, Producers Don Carmody and Chris Brinker, comes a truly original black comedy entitled, “The Good King.” The film is a Period Piece told in present day. It is set the style and spirit of Monty Python and Mel Brooks. Pre-Production commences June 2008. We will attach the most bankable talent, utilizing salary and back-end participation.

Troy Duffy’s last project, “The Boondock Saints,” originally made for just under $6MM, has done over $120MM worldwide to date, and counting, with no initial theatrical release and a low-profile cast. The film, and Troy Duffy himself, have reached global cult status. Originally released straight-to-video in 2000, “Boondock Saints” was honored with a theatrical release in May of 2006 to 133 sold-out theaters across the US, which coincided with an international marketing campaign to push the simultaneous release of the Special Edition DVD. With over 20,000 tickets sold, the one-day event quickly became one of the most successful events of its kind.

The sequel to this enormous cult smash, Boondock Saints: All Saints Day, is in the final stages of financing. The Project reunites Troy Duffy, Chris Brinker and Don Carmody, and will have significant theatrical representation and distribution through a major studio. All Principals may be researched at www.IMDB.com or www.Google.com. The script has been finalized, and casting is nearly completed. It is scheduled to begin production in August 2007. Further information on “Boondock Saints” and the sequel, “All Saints Day,” can be obtained at www.BoondockSaints.com

“The Good King,” which was originally slated to be the second film in queue, has been pushed back to the third spot to maximize its revenue draw, as the sequel is sure to be a hit and reignite Troy’s global fan base, as well as introduce new fans to his work. During the last year, “The Good King,” has been publicly discussed in the media, and during full-house speaking engagements at Universities and auditoriums nationwide. The buzz surrounding Troy’s latest projects is deafening. Due to the release schedule of these next two films, the quality of the script, and the concept’s broad appeal, “The Good King” could have even more box office potential than the sequel. We feel the popularity of Troy Duffy and “The Boondock Saints” will translate to “The Good King.” Once again, the same team responsible for the success of “The Boondock Saints” property will take the helm of “The Good King.”

“The Good King” will be filmed and distributed. As a Private Equity Deal, 40 percent of the film's proceeds will go to the investors, in perpetuity, throughout all distribution channels. This represents an extremely rare opportunity in the Private domain. Should this project be finalized as a Private Equity offering, the Producers will be afforded the opportunity to review all Distribution deals, and choose the most attractive arrangement on behalf of the Investors involved.

A limited number of individuals will be given an opportunity to invest this major film project. The Production budget is set at $12MM. Minimum Investment Participation is $100,000.

This investment is offered exclusively by Executive Producer Brad Carpenter and Rough Works Entertainment Group. Further information can be obtained at 214.914.9000 or Brad@Roughworks.com. Follow the project at: www.Roughworks.com.