As it is with most companies, Rough Works EG started with an idea. Some might say a rough draft… a piece of work that turned into a business plan. We had Ideas in Motion. Those ideas evolved and became Rough Works EG. It may sound overly-simplistic, but it is the creative process at work.

The creative process is a harmonious confluence of passion, vision and focus. For success, these elements must be forged together, encompassing both artists and businesspeople. The symbol of our focus and passion takes the form of the simple Japanese symbol for harmony, prominently displayed on our website as a reminder of the synergies necessary for success.

Harmony is simplicity. We feel that by bringing together a team of talented and driven artists and businesspeople, we can translate the complex marriage of art and business and create a simple process in which all participants benefit.

Rough Works EG was founded in 2002 by Brad Carpenter, a Dallas businessman, as a vehicle to merge his creative and business interests. With offices in Dallas and Newport Beach, California, Rough Works EG is strategically positioned to capitalize on the business and social climate prevalent in those communities, and the impending creative boom in Dallas.

Nurturing and leveraging relationships are key elements of the Company’s success formula. Having built and maintained strong business and creative alliances within the Hollywood community, Rough Works EG will continue to develop worthwhile projects with compelling distribution components. This will be done in partnership with the industry’s top logistical experts: the Producers, Directors, Writers, Editors and Cinematographers. They make the Actors’ jobs easier. They build the product that people buy.

Over the past five- years, there have been some subtle (and not-so-subtle) changes in both the creative and business side of filmmaking. These changes have created opportunity. Grassroots communities like MySpace and YouTube have cultivated a free, viral marketing component embraced by entertainers, politicians and popular culture worldwide. This, combined with digital technology at both the filmmaker and distributor level, has opened up a once impenetrable industry to an entrepreneurial gold-rush, the proverbial second coming of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

As we move forward at Rough Works EG, we will launch our first Film Fund and formalize our distribution relationships, while developing a series of exciting projects. Whether you are part of the creative equation, an investor, or a fan of films, we encourage your participation during this exciting entertainment expansion.

Thanks, and keep the Ideas in Motion.

Rough Works EG